Poems of Loving

Women March

I was born into this world to see this:
women holding hands
with women,
with children,
with men,
as our roots intertwine
as our branches grow out and touch one another,
as we blossom, each into our own unique flower,
as we evolve into the divine fruit of our lives,
all on the one Tree of Life.

I was born into this world to hear this:
every laugh and joyous call,
every cheer and happy shout,
every song from smiling lips,
every step by marching feet.

I was born into this world to experience this:
a helping hand when one is struggling,
a joining together in our millions,
a giving of love, of joy,
a smile from one who is no more a stranger.

I was born into this world to be this
because we have finally realised
our place on the Tree of Life
and it is beautiful.

About this poem: On the 21st January 2017, I went with my 6 year old granddaughter to march with 100,000 people in London along with 5 million people in cities around the world.