Poems of Loving

The Holy Roller Coaster Ride

I had a private session with my guru yesterday
about a little problem that just would not go away.
I asked my guru for advice. She gave a brief miaow
and then I asked my question – could you tell me how,
how can I be happy, find Love amidst the strife,
live each moment as sacred, lead a blessed, holy life?

I told her I’m not lazy. I’m committed. I have tried.
For years, I’ve been riding a holy roller coaster ride.
My Yin I have strengthened; my Yang has lost its violence.
With the Quakers, I have sat in a Ghandian gathered silence.
The Grandmothers have taught me to cast the Net of Light.
I’ve awakened my Light-Body, which gave me quite a fright.
I’ve saluted the sun and balanced my ki,
chanted in Hebrew, tapped to be free,
davenned and prayed to the Lord God above,
learned that miracles are an expression of Love.
I’ve vibrated at top speed for deliberate creation,
communicated non-violently at the least provocation.
I’ve dutifully upheld the Law of Attraction,
even bent spoons with my mind to my complete stupefaction.

My guru, she listened without saying a word.
Then she yawned and she stretched
and she purred.
Yes she purred.
She curled up on my lap and pointed her ears
and allowed me to stroke her.
Well, I burst into tears.
All at once I felt Love, peace and joy and all that
because each moment is sacred
when you’re stroking a cat.

About this poem: This is for a black cat named Maggie who allows me to serve her.