Plea from Afghanistan – pray for us

On August 15, 2021, I saw this tweet from an Afghan journalist: ‘I’m hopelessly stuck in Kabul with my wife and child. Like myself, hundreds of other journalists are also stuck here. I have an 11—months old daughter. Please pray for her safety.

As well as practical support such as donating to organisations such as Amnesty International’s  Crisis in Afghanistan or Afghanaid, we can respond as requested. We can pray for their safety. To those of us who are not religious, prayer may seem inadequate and pointless. I believe that it is worthwhile, even essential and that it has an impact. I pray by working with the Net of Light or Cosmic Web taking guidance from the Grandmothers.

The Net of Light

You may not have heard of the Grandmothers or the Net of Light so I will give a brief explanation taken from the Net of Light website. The Grandmothers are non-physical wise teachers. They first appeared in 1996 to Sharon McErlane who has written several books about her interaction with them, sharing their messages. 

‘The world is in grave danger and we will not allow its destruction. For too long Yang or masculine energy, has dominated life on earth, causing feminine energy to become deficient and weak. We have come to restore Yin to full beauty/power and return the world to balance. We are calling you to this work.’

The Grandmothers told Sharon

‘When the wisdom of the Grandmothers is heard, the world will heal.’

Hopi prophecy

At last the Grandmothers have come. Today over 200 groups meet around the world to spread their message and teach people how to work with the Net of Light. 

‘The Net of Light supports everything in the Universe and will hold the earth steady during the times of change that are upon you now. Work with the radiant Net to support life.’

The Grandmothers

We gladly spread their message and charge no money for this work. For the past twenty years, we’ve worked with the Net of Light and have taught others how to do this too. We were therefore thrilled when scientists “discovered” the Net of Light or Cosmic Web in 2014 while peering through the Hubble Telescope.

Message from the Grandmothers 27 August 2021

‘Dear ones, We are calling you because you are needed.

 ‘We ask you to call on us and every form of the Divine you love now. Call in the Net of Light and think of magnifying its depth and reach throughout the Middle East. Also call on the natural world. Call on the peace and harmony of the elements of life—earth, air, fire, water and ether. And also call on the elemental spirits themselves. All of us will work together.

‘Now drop into the jewel of your heart, that steady centering point within you and cast and magnify the powerful presence of the Net of Light, especially throughout this area of the world. As you do this, the Net of Light will respond and peace will fill your mind and body. Peace is filling you now, and because your energy always follows your thought, it is also filling the Middle East. It is flooding into you and flooding into this area that you are thinking of. Cradling and blanketing Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey—every corner of the Middle East. Peace, peace, peace is flowing. You have called it up and now it is embracing and lifting all the people in this part of the world. The steadying power of the Net of Light is embracing them and the Earth itself.

‘Your prayers and your focus on affirming the Net of Light within the Middle East is activating the light there and this light is now going to work. It is purifying and protecting, purifying and protecting everything it touches.

‘Do this frequently over the next few days. This is important work and it is yours to do. We will be with you.’

Instead of sinking into despair and horror, let us play our part in flowing peace to all the people in need.

For more information on working with the Net of Light, or about the return of the Divine Feminine, go to,


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