Poems of Loving

Loving a Hurting Child

To her, we’re just carers
Paid to look after her.
Never to be trusted.

She keeps her distance.
No touching. No hugs.
‘Soon, I’ll go home to my family.’

She has been hurt
Too many times.
Lesson learned – stay away.

To the agency, we’re just carers
Discharging a duty
Never to be trusted.

They keep their distance
Safe care plans, police checks,
Boxes ticked, records kept.

They’ve failed to protect.
Too many times
Lesson learned – stay vigilant.

To us, she’s a child
Hurting and scared
Needing to trust us.

We open our hearts
Trusting in love
Knowing we’ll be hurt.

We hang in there
Many, many times.
Lesson learned – stay loving.

About this poem: For 7 years, my partner and I were foster carers dealing with all the bureaucracy of the fostering agency as well as with traumatised children.