Poems of Loving

Love Poem to My Feet

You are my everyday-friend, my big dividend.
You stick by me wherever I go.
You are my freedom-rider, my depression-hider.
You bring me up when I’m low.
Remember my smiles
when we walked all those miles
to take in the Symonds Yat view.
With cracks on your heels, you know how it feels
to carry my weight every day.
Despite the great strain, you rarely complain
when I ask you to take me away.
You’re my anchor, my rock,
my shield against shock.
You suit me down to the ground.
You’re my earth-connector, my grace-convector,
My love for you does abound.
You’re my mood-uplifter,
my heart and mind-shifter.
I hope you are getting my drift.
Our bond is immense. Our love is intense.
Let there never be between us a rift.
If I could, I would kiss you.
If you left, I would miss you.
So go on and give me a lift.