Poems of Place

Happy Am I

Listen here.  



Happy am I for I have lived today.
I have had a glimpse
of the place to whom I pray.


I have drunk the nectar
from the oranges I did pluck.
And I have felt my spirit
from its sorrows come unstuck.


I have heard the birds
burst out in bawdy din.
And I have danced a salsa
with the sunlight on my skin. 


I have touched my roots
in the ancient olive trees.
And I have tasted heaven
in a chunk of cabra cheese.


I have skipped on rocks
climbing up on stony stairs.
And I have waltzed through olive groves
and left behind my cares.


I have walked in mountains,
jagged peaks up high above.
And I have joined my soul
to the woman who I love.

I have caught the scented joy
from a purple flower.
Now all of that has been and gone
but I have had my hour.