Adventures with Story – Whose Story Are You Listening To?

Story telling – that’s how we humans make sense of the world, how we figure out who we are in relation to others. The story telling goes on just below the surface – we may not even be aware of it. Some of the stories we listen to and believe are just not true. So who is the story teller? Which story do you believe when there are competing stories? The following tale is told from the perspective of one of my inner story tellers.

The story teller speaks

We’re telling you this story because we think you’re ready to hear it.

It’s a story with many chapters that started a very long time ago. But we’re not going to start at the beginning. We discussed it amongst ourselves and decided it’s not necessary or helpful for you to know how this story began in order to get the most benefit from it. We’re not saying that beginnings are unimportant. We’re just saying that our aim is to tell this story in such a way that you hear it and take it to heart.

So, let’s begin..

This morning, like every morning this month, it was dark outside when you woke. You flung the duvet off, curled onto your side and firmly closed your eyes. We’ve seen you do this when you’re trying to convince yourself to go back to sleep. It never works. We knew you’d be up in a few minutes at most. Actually it was a few seconds. You leapt up and marched down the hall to look at the clock.


Your whole body radiated surprise and delight.

This was the green light we needed to go ahead with our plan. From past experience, our efforts to reach you are futile if you wake at 3 or 4 or even 5 in the morning. Certainly not 2.30 – the time you woke the day before yesterday.

A quick reminder

Let us remind you of something that you do know, even if you don’t often act as if you know it.

We are always with you. You are never alone. You can call on us at any time and we will respond with love.

Most of the time, we watch you and wait for your call. But after a month of insomnia and depression, we decided to be more pro-active.

The start

The plan was launched by Maggie, that sleek black cat with an ecstatic purr that allows you to serve her. Perhaps you’ve suspected that Maggie is one of us. Well, you’re right. She got your attention by shouting at you and guiding you downstairs to feed her as your first priority of the day. When you serve another with unconditional love, you are making a chink in the hold that the story of depression has on you.

Next step was to plant an uplifting email in your inbox. We knew you’d look at your emails before looking after yourself. We always groan when you do that. Invariably, the emails make you feel unsettled and agitated. (Which is a clue you could learn from.)

The email we planted was an offer of free online healing sessions by a priestess of Avalon. It was a risk as we were aware that your last healing session with this very priestess had been rather disappointing. So we whispered in your ear, ‘Do you remember what happened in that session? You had a vision of being the flute through which Great Mother blows the beautiful song of your life.’ You smiled – a genuine smile from the heart. We gave each other a thumbs up and excited nods.

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Emboldened by our success, we nudged you towards your well-stocked cupboard of improving meditation tapes. You chose the cave meditation which we thought was appropriate for the autumn season of deepening darkness. The meditation guided you to walk down a descending spiral path into a chamber deep in the earth. The chamber was so small you had to curl up like a fetus and so dark you couldn’t see a thing. You were meant to feel safe and protected as you had been in the womb. From that relaxed place, you were instructed to ask the rock the question, ‘What do I need for my healing?’ We thought that was a good question for you and the rock was the right element to give you a meaningful answer. Only you didn’t feel safe. You felt trapped. Before you could ask the question, you had bolted up the spiral path, arriving at the cave’s entrance out of breath and highly disturbed.

Sprinkling Nature treats

Undeterred, we subtly directed you to walk along the River Frome and through Stoke Park Estate. We sprinkled your path with a random assortment of Nature treats, designed to tempt you out of your head and into a heart-based connection with Nature. We put before you:

* a tree whose crown of yellow leaves rivalled the sun in their dazzling brightness

* the sound of your shoes swishing through a thick layer of fallen leaves

* sunlight bathing the woods with a soft melody of peace

* a grey heron crouched in absolute stillness on a log in the lake

* a white cloud stretched like a ribbon against a true blue sky

* a small black and white tail-wagging dog who dropped a ball at your feet.

We pulled out all the stops. You could hardly take a step without encountering another marvel.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

The story teller that lies

At first, you were tuned in to that strident, ill-tempered story-teller that you often listen to instead of tuning in to our compassionate, uplifting voices.

‘You’re pathetic,’ it sneers. ‘You don’t deserve healing. Something’s wrong with you. You’re unloveable. You always need approval. You are not good enough. You need to be fixed, to sort yourself out. What’s the point of doing anything? Everything you do fails.’

Blah Blah Blah.

No wonder you’re depressed with that story playing in your head. We feel ill as soon as that voice starts. We can’t understand its appeal. We desperately want to wean you off it. Do you realise how much you missed as you stumbled blindly along, shoulders up to your ears, muttering under your breath?

The story teller that tells the truth

Yet something was getting through to you. As you walked through the countryside, your shoulders began to drop. Gradually you opened your eyes and looked around. Eventually you stopped muttering altogether. You started noticing the Nature treats we placed before you. By the time you’d been out for an hour, you were in a state of joyful anticipation, curious about what next delight was coming your way. You were feeling blessed.

When you started singing, we all sat back and took a metaphorical collective breath of relief. It seemed our plan had worked.

The end

So that’s the end of today’s chapter in the ongoing story of your relationship with us, your ever-loving, all-compassionate team of spirit guides.


  1. Rosa

    Loved it

  2. Rosa

    Absolutely gorgeous I have just read it to Shula as she is lying on the couch and she thought it was fantastic too xx

  3. Ali

    Thank you Lisa I love that comforting idea of having others there.

  4. Mary Montgomery

    That’s great. Brightened up a day which up til then had felt decidedly uninspiring- so thank you!

  5. Jude

    Well done, Lisa! An imaginative way of describing those negative nagging thoughts we battle with! Thank you!


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