Poems of Place

A Rap to Wordsworth

(River Wye, English-Welsh border)

On the steep and lofty cliffs reaching for the sky
above Tintern Abbey along the River Wye
you composed a poem that sweetly tells me why
it’s in Nature where I walk.

“O sylvan Wye! My spirit turned to thee!”
These are your words and they have set me free.
Your elevated thoughts have taught me how to be
in Nature where I walk.

I too have felt the Presence,
the sublime and deepening sense,
of joy, of light, of bliss intense,
in Nature where I walk.

I sense it by the River Wye,
in the setting sun, the thick grey sky,
in the woods, the meadows, the herons that fly
in Nature where I walk.

All that I behold on this green earth
lifts me from gloom to a sense of worth.
This is my home, my dwelling, my berth.
it’s in Nature where I walk.

Here I have found the guardian of my heart,
here the anchor where pure thoughts start,
here the nurse of my most inspired art
here, in Nature where I walk.

When in fear or pain or grief I’ve drowned
in my mind I recall the harmonious sound
and the beautiful forms that I have found
in Nature where I walk.

I will not forget that we stood together
on the banks of this stream amidst the heather.
With deepest zeal we worship forever
in Nature where we walk.